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The world in which our children grow up is getting more technologically advanced every day. The BYOR-kit is designed to help children understand the rapidly developing technology that surrounds them. With the BYOR-kit, children are able to design, build and program their own robots and electrical devices.


Easy to use, fast results

The BYOR-kit includes a collection of different input and output components. These components are connected to the Easyboard by using simple plugs. When the Easyboard gets a source of energy, the connected components will start responding to your input. For example, when you connect a button to a servo motor, the motor will respond to the position of the button.


Be free in your design

The components are designed to be installed on easy to use and cheap materials like cardboard. This means children are completely free in the design of their desired device. When you have a 3-d printer or laser cutter at your disposal, you will be able to create even more parts for your creation.


Program your own robot

When the standard function of the Easyboard is not satisfying your needs or when you desire more functionality you can program the Arduino-compatible chip, that is mounted under the Easyboard, yourself. Programming the chip is done with the easily accessible Arduino-software or by using the visual programming language Scratch.

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